Recruiting for Juniors





Work with your coaches to determine best fit for next level.  

Keep all of your social media accounts clean football related and respectable. 

Do not let a 40 character tweet ruin your chances of a 250K scholarship.

Make sure someone is filming your games this season so you not only have an abundance of videos to choose highlight footage from, but also so you can review your progress throughout the season and identify areas that you can work on. It is important to understand what kind of footage coaches prefer. 

Have a full-game film ready to send to coaches if they ask for it. 


  • September 1 marks the first day that DI and DII college coaches can start sending you personalized communications including emails (phone calls won’t be allowed until April for DI and June for DII).

  • This means that all communications with coaches can now be a mutual, two-way street, high level players may be given verbal offers from coaches showing interest.

  • A verbal agreement is not 100% definite. Don't forget that DIII and NAIA coaches can contact you anytime, so keep building relationships with these coaches.

Starting in February, college coaches will be finishing recruiting the senior class and will start to focus their recruiting efforts on your junior class. Start to prepare for this now by developing and strengthening relationships with college coaches so they are on your radar once February hits.

Do you have a list of colleges you are interested in? 

  • Keep it straight by developing a 5-5-5 list: five programs that may be a reach for you athletically and academically, five programs that are a good

  • fit and five that are back-up schools.

  • Use this list to continue taking unofficial visits of college campuses, attending a game or practice, and meeting with the coaches. Don’t forget, you can start making official visits during your senior year only.

  • Keep communication with coaches open and flowing

  • Make sure these schools have your season schedule and invite them to see you play.

  • Keep sending them updates when you have something athletically or academically new and exciting to report.