Coaching Recruiting timetable doc for 2015

Class of 2017

  • Richie Kenney, QB:  Old Dominion, Davidson
  • Mac Redmond ILB/FB:H:  Stetson, Morehead State

Alumni Players

 Class of 2016 (15' Season)

  • Tanner Hall, WR -  Committed: Georgia Southern (NCAA D1 FBS)
  • Sean Bailey, OL - Committed ECU (NCAA D1 FBS)
  • Anthony Ratliff - LS -  Committed ECU (NCAA D1 FBS)
  • Cliff Synder - OL -Committed Mercer (NCAA D1 FCS)
  • Sam Flemming - TE Committed Samford (NCAA D1 FCS)
  • Ford Hirsch - FB Committed to Lawrence Univ ( NCAA D3)
  • Jason Regulski - C Committed to Lawrence Univ ( NCAA D3)

Class of 2015 14' Season

  • Trevon McSwain, Duke ( NCAA D-1 FBS)
  • AJ Schimmelpfennig, Georgetown (NCAA D1 FCS)
  • Will Dunavant, Army ( NCAA D-1 FBS)

Class of 2014 (’13 season): 12 Starting Seniors

  • Chris Laye, Auburn University (NCAA D-1 FBS)
  • Jordyn Jean-Felix, Marist College (NCAA D-1 FCS)
  • Brandon Miller, Marist College (NCAA D-1 FCS)
  • Kevo Yeremian, Georgia Institute of Technology (NCAA D-1 FBS)
  • Zach Matthews, Georgia Institute of Technology (NCAA D-1 FBS)
  • Dillon Alexander, Michigan State University (NCAA D-1 FBS) 

Class of 2013 (’12 season): 14 Starting Seniors

  • Chandler Register, Furman University (NCAA D-1 FCS)
  • T.J. Russell, Georgia State University (NCAA D-1 FBS)
  • James Little, South Carolina State University (NCAA D-1 FCS)
  • Russell Monyette, Williams College (NCAA D-3)

Class of 2012 (’11 season): 15 Starting SeniorL

  • David Broadus, University of Richmond (NCAA D-1 FCS)
  • Trevor Duba, Bucknell University (NCAA D-1 FCS)
  • J.C. Barefield, Jacksonville State University (NCAA D-1 FCS)
  • Glen Minor, Reinhardt University (NAIA D-1)
  • Tor Peterson, University of the Cumberlands (NAIA D-1)
  • Jacob Kinder, University of the Cumberlands (NAIA D-1)

Class of 2011 (’10 season): 14 Starting Seniors

  • Taylor Moore, La Grange College (NCAA D-3)
  • Grayson Middlebrooks, University of the South (NCAA D-3)
  • Spencer Heywood, Savannah State University (NCAA D-1 FCS)