Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Team for Lambert High School

The Lambert High School’s sports medicine team works together to provide outstanding care for the student athletes. These three clinics are composed of Resurgeons Orthopedics, Oak Tree Family Medicine and SportsCare Physical Therapy. Each of these clinics share the following expertise and qualities:

  • All of the clinicians have specialized training and/or have been board certified in sports medicine.
  • Each gives priority to LHS student athletes by scheduling appointments promptly, usually within 24 hours after receiving request.
  • Each medical team member donates time and services to LHS by providing medical coverage for games and practice, donating all revenue from the school physicals back to LHS, and financially providing for an athletic trainer.
  • All of the medical clinics are conveniently located in Johns Creek.
  • Each of the clinics accept most insurance plans.

Unfortunately, injuries are part of the game. But, if they occur our sports medicine team is here to help. Feel free to contact any of us regarding questions about your student athlete’s medical problems, or to make an appointment.